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Equine Massage: Do you have an older horse whose movement is
restricted due to arthritis pain? Do you have a show horse that needs to
be excelling in their performance?

Equine Massage - A therapeutic massage for your horse can make the difference!

Canine Massage: Does your beloved dog have trouble climbing up the stairs? Do you have a show dog that you want to help keep in top form?

Canine Massage by a certified massage therapist can transform the health and movement of your pet!

Pony and Pooch Therapeutic Massage, LLC is owned and operated by *Holli Shan, ESMT, CMT. Whether the horses and dogs are seasoned athletes or suffering from arthritis, a therapeutic massage can:

* Aid in movement, flexibility and agility
* Increase circulation, speeding healing after surgery or injury
* Alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

Call me today for a free consultation on what equine or canine massage can do for your horse or dog!


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Serving Loudoun, northern Prince William, western Fairfax, and parts of Fauquier Counties in Northern Virginia.
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Equine & Canine Massage, Therapeutic Massage for Horses and Dogs
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