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paragraph icon  Started 68 times in his racing career, Fly, now nearly 24 years old, suffers from arthritis and navicular disease.  Having just started a new monthly massage program, Fly’s muscular tensions have already eased and he’s progressing quickly.  After every massage, Fly walks like a strong racehorse.  Equally impressive are Holli’s gentle and empathetic methods to develop a rapport with him.  He’s a great horse who deserves the best, and that’s what he has in Holli.
-Bonnie Nichols, Sponsor of Intent to Fly, who resides at the Equine Rescue League.
paragraph icon  ….we realized that Cassy was in pain. I asked Holli to come out and take a look at her to see what she thought. Immediately Holli knew that Cassy was in pain and sore more on her left side than her right. Through patience and consistency, Cassy has come around and now is not resisting the bit. She is much happier, more fluid in her motions, and looks more beautiful than ever. If you do not believe in massage therapy, think about your own muscles. They always feel better after a back rub. This is what Holli is doing for Cassy. She not only knows what she is doing, but she is great about showing you what she knows. We love her here at the barn. Thanks Holli!!!”

-Danielle Woods – Asst. Trainer, Clairvaux Equestrian Center
paragraph icon  "Bugs is doing better already! He's been relaxing his front legs when he lies down, and he was ready to play this morning. He usually plays in the evening. He's definitely more comfortable!”

-Charlee L.
paragraph icon  "Ogee is very spry this morning. I've never seen him so energetic.”

-Chris D.
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